Manual Press Fertilizer Applicator


  • Hans
  • Hans Manual Fertilizer Spreader Machine specially Develop for the most of all kind of Fertilization,
  • Machine made from stronger Plastic martial which is very low weight and easy to carry in big or small farm,
  • Knapsack fertilizer applicator have 20kg Fertilizer Storage capacity its help farmers to reduce reloading time and farmers get high efficiency, save time and labor,
  • Can control quantity of the fertilizer planting, so save fertilizer from the vest,
  • Hans Manual Fertilizer Spreader Machine saving fertilizer and most fertilizer adopt by the plant,
  • Any kind of fertilizer can be planting by this Hans Manual Fertilizer Spreader Machine,
  • This machine also very popular as a Front pack fertilizer applicator widely in china. Asia, and other countries
  • Improve the utilization efficiency of fertilizers, save fertilizer and good energy,
  • Reducing environmental pollution by prevent vest of fertilizer and reduce use of fertilizer
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Fertilizer Machine


Hans Manual Press Fertilizer Applicator is multifunctional fertilizer spreader has two functions, such as spread fertilizer and sow seeds. This multifunctional spreader is widely used in agriculture, for fertilizer and seeds spreading and sowing etc.

Hans Manual Press Fertilizer Applicator is Manual machine that no need any kind of power or fuel, it operates very easy by any human such as adult or young or also woman can use,

Hans Manual Press Fertilizer Applicator Composed of three working parts: fertilizer tank, Handle joint with fertilizer delivery hole,  The fertilizing handle is press by human operated handle, it inject fertilizer Directly to the place where need to be ,

Hans Manual Press Fertilizer Applicator is very useful for plain, hills, mountainous areas fertilizer application and seeds sowing. It boasts advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, stable performance, reliable operation etc.

Hans Manual Press Fertilizer Applicator Reduce labor intensity and shorten working time, improve working efficiency, one machine, multi functions: fertilizer Sowing, seeds sowing. Easy to operate,  As human capacity, long working time, may work for continuously.

Safety filter – Filter large bulk fertilizers and impurities, Suitable for multiple scenarios to meet your different needs, Steeples governor can easily Adjusting the quantity,

This machine is very useful for plain, hills, mountainous areas fertilizer spreading and seeds sowing. It boasts advantages of easy operation, high efficiency, stable performance, reliable operation etc.

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  • Model : HX-A019 Manual Fertilizer Machine
  • Material: New plastic: PP
  • Capacity: 5 to 10kg
  • Fertilizing quantity: Adjustable
  • Machine Efficiency: 99%
  • Suitable Fertilizer: Solid Fertilizer or All powder and granule mix and fertilizer
  • Size:500*390*730mm
  • Packing: 1 Pcs
  • Color: Green, Red, Yellow
  • Weight: 2.5kg


  • 5 to 10kg Fertilizer Tank Capacity
  • Single Man Operation
  • 99% Machine Efficiency
  • Zero Operation Expense
  • No Need Any Kind of Fuel
  • Adjustable Distance
  • Adjustable Quantity


  • Machine made from stronger Plastic martial
  • Machine have 10kg Fertilizer Storage capacity
  • Fertilizer Machine can fertilized direct to near root of the plant
  • Reducing environmental pollution
  • Save time and labor
  • Very Popular As Knapsack fertilizer applicator
Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 39 × 73 cm


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